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Expert sustainable business services for purpose and for profit

We offer sustainable solutions research, combining insight from multiple disciplines to strengthen organisations. We utilise this insight into dynamic academic courses and professional development.

We advise on opportunities to align business and environmental aims for sustainable success. We are supporting innovators to lead the way in creating a sustainable future with practical solutions.

We collaboratively develop, launch and grow sustainable businesses. Utilising tried and tested business, marketing and innovation skills and techniques.


We test, develop and deploy sustainable businesses; to make the most of your resources, increasing your income and protecting the environment.

Principle Consultant Martin Kemp has taught at four universities, advised governments and businesses on the path that combines the environment and economy sustainably. An inclusive, circular and zero carbon economy.

He brings an interdisciplinary knowledge of Business, Marketing, Finance, Coaching and Technology to find sustainable solutions to climate change.
Creating opportunities with sound financials, an impressive business model and solid sustainable credentials to stand the test of time.

  • Sound Financials
  • Creative Marketing
  • Sustainable Business





Years of Experience

Case Studies

Solihull Decarbonisation Leadership
  • JULY, 2015
  • Research, Facilitation and Visioning
National University of Public Service
  • October, 2015
  • Teaching and Educational development
Zero Carbon Britain: Sustainable Economics
  • JUNE, 2016
  • Research, Collaboration and Innovation
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Sustainability specialist providing advice, training and solutions for individuals, business and governments.


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