Welcome to MartinKemp.net

This website was originally setup in 1998 for a short term project which is now complete. The design hasn't changed since then however the content has been updated (19/03/2016).

Work info
My main role is Research on Sustainable Economics for the Zero Carbon Britain: Making it happen project. We know what the future could look like. How do we get there? Zero Carbon Britain is an award winning report from the Centre for Alternative Technology. Previous work (2007, 2010, 2013) has shown what Britain could look like given political will on climate change. Looking into land, diet and variability management (2013) in detail. Britain is by no means alone, over 100 others have got their own scenarios, (Who's ready for Zero). Now the challenge is on making it happen.

Other projects include:
  • Realising commericial opportunities through digital media and campaigns
  • Supporting a range of low carbon innovative start up companies
  • Providing evidence based analysis for policy making
  • Research into innovative business models for community energy projects
To summarise; I work with and am interested in organisations with a triple bottom line, creating social and/or environmental benefit in a financially appropriate manner.